Green Technologies

Don Massey Arborist takes a progressive approach to saving our environment. Special retaining walls, landscape edging and sprinkler placement are important aspects of protecting your landscaping and preserving your lawns future health. Enviroscaping is a progressive approach to creating not only a beautiful home and surroundings but is an eco friendly way to save energy and enhance the surrounding ecosystems. Enviroscaping cuts summer and winter energy costs by protecting homes from winter wind and summer sun, reduces the consumption of water and helps to control noise and air pollution.

Tree Care

Pruning to promote future growth is essential to healthy long lasting trees.

Tree Protection

Tree Cabling - Tree cabling is a process of using various cables, and other equipment to re-establish strength and structural integrity to a weakened branch, branches, or entire tree. This process has proven to be a very effective in reestablishing the structural integrity.


Trees can come under "stress" due to any number of circumstances such as construction, soil compaction, improper pruning or planting, etc. Trees add value to your property, help in cooling your home in the heat of the summer and add aesthetic value. Help protect your investment by calling Don Massey Arborist today.

Tree Planting

We specialize in planting new tress of all shapes and sizes. Don Massey Arborist has planted and transplanted some of the largest trees in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Tree Removal

Our staff of highly-trained professionals take every precaution when removing unwanted trees from your property.


Landscaping can add monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

Water features

Spring Planting

Fall Clean-up

Shrub Planting and Maintenance

Chemical control

We offer a variety of chemical application processes. For a detailed analysis for your individual needs, please contact our office.


Deep Root Feeding: Deep root feeding promotes health and vigor. It also increases drought and insect tolerance. Even if your trees and shrubs look healthy, they may be in stress. Often trees do not show signs of illness that the non-professional doesn’t recognize until it is too late. Proper nutrients is a process in which a metal probe is inserted into the root zone of the tree and fertilizer is pressure pumped through the probe into the soil under pressure. One main reason to contact Don Massey is to prevent over fertilization that may damage roots.

Soil Analysis

For a detailed analysis of your soil, please contact our office.

Hazard Analysis

Our detailed inspection will in part inspect for diseases, heavy limbs, and poorly formed limbs to determine if the tree is under stress.

Animal Control

Small animals such as birds, raccoons, bats and squirrels can cause a variety of problems for home owners. Some common problems associated with unwanted animals are odor, damage to your landscape, homes exterior and they may pose a threat to small children and pets. Don Massey is a professional who understands the dangers these pets can cause and has the necessary tools and experience to safely remove unwanted wildlife from your property.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair